Biographical Introduction

Reverend Amy is endlessly fascinated and excited by the mystical experience of the sacred in nature and relationships, she describes herself as a... woman, teacher, seeker, and a letter in "lgbtq". Amy aspires to be a love ninja!Amy supports justice-makers through her ministry "Listen to HeartSong": preaching all over West of the rockies and offering spiritual accompaniment. A former president of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Amy is affiliated with the UU Congregation at Willamette Falls in Oregon City, the steering committee for the UU Spiritual Directors Network, and League of Women Voters of Portland.Amy loves the color purple, smiles easily, laughs a lot, and sings poorly and often. She hugs trees, recycles, and occasionally may buy something plastic, and then feel guilty about it. Family in upstate New York have a piece of her heart, and the Pacific NW is home, where she lives in a Portland fixer-upper with her spouse, Thorne, bonus son Jack, and "Zim," the cutest beagle in the world.

Amy is accepting local and distance Spiritual Direction clients and guest-in-your-pulpit dates.

Amy is the grandchild of a woman who was proud to trace her lineage from early American Immigrant, Miles Standish, and the grandchild of a woman whose husband's family snubbed her because she was a child of (Slovak) immigrants. She is a child of a novelist and a college professor and has worked as a honey packer, technology trainer, I.T. department manager, OSPIRG canvasser, and volunteered as an Oregon United for Marriage trainer.

She has lived on government cheese and food stamps, gone "back to the land" and driven across the country six times. She is a cancer survivor, a knitter, and loves juvenile science fantasy.

Amy needs quiet alone time to recharge, don't much like large parties, but loves getting to know people well.

In October 2012 Amy married the love of her life. Thorne doesn't go in much for organized religion, so usually spends Sunday mornings in the garden and weekdays on a natural resource management degree. Amy says "Thorne supports me, challenges me, and best of all, plays and laughs with me."