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Building Community through Drum Song Finding the heartbeat, listening with your deep self. Honoring the authentic traditions of Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, and expat. Africans in America.

Everything I know about community, I learned from West African Drumming

Benefit from Amy’s 30 years of experience learning, performing, and teaching DrumSong from the West African traditions. Shakers, Bells and other instruments (some drums) will be provided. Emphasis is put on respecting the cultural context and gratitude for the gift of rhythm.

Djundjuns and djembe, being played


3 hour retreat with time for breaks and lunch.

$30/person (minimum 8 people) or $225 flat (inquire about small group rates).

Three songs in Preparation for a Sunday service:

2 hour workshop Learn Oya De (Arr. Ubaka Hill), Lamba (Arr. Mamady Keita), and Kuku (Arr. Mbembe Bangoura)

$15/person (minimum 8) or $125 flat

CD cover for Ubaka Hills' "Shapeshifters"

Series: 5 to 10 1.5 hour workshops

$15/person (minimum 8) or $115 flat per session. Minimum 5 sessions but can run 10 sessions.

West African Drumming: Listening – Explore how to listen for the spaces and the heartbeat.

West African Drumming: Rhythm, Song, Dance – Explore how drum-songs, vocals, and dances combine to create community experiences.

West African Drumming: Call and Response – Explore how to relate, as an ensemble, to the rhythm and each other.

West African Drumming: Improvisation – Explore how to “trade 4’s”, introduce cross-rhythms, and lead. Drums, Shakers, Bells and other instruments will be provided.

"Relaxation is the key." - Ubaka Hill

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