First Fruits

First Fruits (Lughnasadh)- Emancipation Day (the end of slavery in the English Empire), in the Caribbean is celebrated as a part of Carnival. Freyasblot/Lughnasadh/Lammas (usually celebrated on August 2) is a festival to recognize the first fruits that are gathered after long and hard work. Let us explore the ways we "snatch joy from the jaws of despair". How have painful times and loss invited us into moments of joy? And how do joy and celebration help us through times of no hope? Our work is not done, but we must take time to celebrate!

YouTube Videos (others to be made to order)


Prelude - Enya (music playing as people arrive, includes great video pictures and info on Lughnasadh)

Welcome and Announcements (and Introduce Amy) - SA

Call into the Circle of Love and Justice - Amy

Chalice Lighting - SA

Gathering Song* - “John Barleycorn” trad. Performed by Willow's Drum

Time for All Ages- the story of John Barleycorn - Amy

Joys and Sorrows - SA

Meditation/Pastoral Prayer - Amy

Music for Meditation - Homegrown Tomatoes” by Guy Clark

Reading - “Lughnasadh” by T Thorn Coyle - SA

Homily I - Reverend Amy Beltaine

Interlude - “Harvest Chant” by T Thorn Coyle and Starhawk

Homily II - Reverend Amy Beltaine - Amy

Song of Celebration* - “Lammas Song” by Lisa Thiel and sung by Bunny Lo

Chalice Extinguishing - SA

Closing Words/Benediction - Amy

Postlude - “Sonnenreigen” (Lughnasad) by Faun