Universalist Circles

Earth-Based Spirituality series - You can gain great depth and meaning from learning about or following an earth-based spiritual path. Would you like to connect to your heritage... to nature...to the strength and beauty of your whole self... to the seasons and cycles... to the earth as a whole/holy being? Would embodied, sense-ual, mythopeotic, or mystical rituals and ways of worship speak to you? What flavors of earth-based traditions resonate for you? Each gathering will make use of elements of various traditions. We'll both learn together and connect with the sacred together: through dialog, practice, worship, and ritual. How might your soul, your family, your community, benefit from the earth-based paths?

A contribution of $25 per person, per event, is requested. Donations of more are gratefully accepted to make it possible for others to attend for less.


A: Theology (What is God?) Wicca - The largest Neo-Pagan tradition, descended from the British Tradition founded by Gerald Gardiner and Doreen Valiente in the '50s. We will consider what we wish to LET GO OF (or banish) from our lives. Worship will combine UU and Wicca traditions.

B: Andrology (What are Humans?) and Theodicy (The problem of Evil.) Religions of the African Diaspora (including Santeria, Ifa, and the modern New Orleans interpretations of Voudoun.) We will appreciate our illustrious ancestors and affirm a commitment (of each person's choice) for the next few months. Special Treat: Amy will share insights and rhythms from her 30 years of study of West African drumsong.

C: Missiology (mission) and Eschatology (story.) Reclaiming - The union of Goddess Spirituality with Peace- and Eco-activism. Drawing from Starhawk, Joanna Macy, and others we will unite our relationship with the earth and other humans with our spiritual experience. Worship will be co-created through UU and Reclaiming sensibilities.