Green Chalice

Illustration by St. Hildegard: People and trees forming a circle

Green Chalice Cultivate Courage with Hildegard of Bingen. How does your relationship with the natural world feed your soul and connect you to all your communities?

Solace for burned-out earth-activists and those who suffer from ‘climate-change overwhelm’ .

Rich, Green, Juicy

Mandala-making, physio-divina, worship. Will draw on the rituals of earth-honoring, Catholic and Buddhist traditions. Insights from St. Hildegard and Feminist/Process Theology.

Deep Draught of Viriditas:

7 hour/one day retreat with time for breaks and lunch.

$55/person (minimum 10 people) or $550 flat (inquire about small group rates).

Sharing the Cup with Hildegard:

1.5 hour workshop

$25/person (minimum 10) or $250 flat.