Ancestors' Voice

Ancestors’ Voice: Celtic Pagans say the veil between the worlds is thin at this time of year. An ancestor feast may be held, a place set at the table for those dearly departed who wish to be present. The blood of the ancients flows through our veins. Who and what do we claim as our ancestors? What do we learn from them?

YouTube videos will be made to order


Build an Altar beforehand

Need a branch to fasten upright at the front of the sanctuary (or use a paper one stuck to a wall or window. (plan for # leaves to put in seatbacks or oos)

Quote for meditation on the OOS: #431 O Spinner, Weaver of our lives

O Spinner, Weaver, of our lives, Your loom is love. May we who are gathered here be empowered by that love to weave new patterns of Truth and Justice into a web of life that is strong, beautiful, and everlasting. – Rev. Barbara Wells (Ten Hove)


Welcome & Announcements

Call to Worship - Amy

Cardinal Directions and Center (Lighting the Chalice)

(Individuals write their own words? Or:

To North we look for strength, our sacred bodies ready to act for love and justice. Earth and vine, green viriditas [veereedeetas], be with us.

To the East we look for fresh ideas, our words and songs inspiring us. Breath and breeze, winged mercury, be with us.

To the South we look for passion, our spirits give us courage. Candle, hearth, and bonfire, transforming fire of truth, be with us.

To the West we look for love, our community renews and cradles us. Blood, sweat, tears, heart of the divine, be with us.)


(Traditional Wiccan words)

The circle is cast

We are between the worlds

Beyond the bounds of space and time

Where birth and death

Night and day

Joy and sorrow

Meet as one

Blessed be

Gathering Hymn - “Hoof and Horn” by Ian Corrigan **

Hoof and horn, Hoof and horn

All that dies shall be reborn

Corn and grain, Corn and grain

All that falls shall rise again

Time for All Ages – “The Tenth Good Thing about Barney” by Judith Viorst

Responsive Reading - “Samhain Blessing” by bhakti andrea (adapted)

Prayer/Silence/guided meditation- Amy

Pastoral Hymn - “Music Alone Shall Live” (Author Unknown)

All things shall perish from under the sky

Music alone shall live (3X)

Never to die

Offering /Offertory- “Breaths” sweet honey in the rock?

Homily “Ancestors’ Voice” - The Reverend Amy Beltaine

You are invited to get the leaf you received, now fill in the names of people, ideas, or things that you are letting go of this season, or have lost in past seasons.

Blessing Hymn -“Blood of the Ancients” by Charlie Murphy- **

Cardinal Directions and Center (Extinguishing the Chalice) – #456

Benediction – Amy

**Suggestions for HYMNS

  • Drumming is an option

  • Hoof and Horn - I'd love to teach this as well (acapella)

  • Music Alone Shall Live (Author Unknown) – a round - (I can teach this. I have sheet music for pianist.)

  • Blood of the Ancients - Charlie Murphy (Timothy Dobson:

**Suggestions for PERFORMED (or recorded) Music

  • “Breaths” Sweet Honey in the Rock

  • “Holy Thing to Love” Libby Roderick

*Suggestions for READINGS (chalice lighting, extinguishing, etc.)

  • Responsive Reading - Please read the text in italics in unison - Samhain Blessing” by bhakti andrea (adapted)