The Laughing Buddha, Baobao

"Laughter," theologian Karl Barth reminds us, "is the closest thing to the grace of God."

Transformation with the Trickster Sacred Laughter, Holy humor. Koans, jokes, the sacred fool, the court jester, the ritual clown, and Coyote the trickster open us to deeper insights, sting us out of complacency, and help to make our lives livable. Come share truth-telling & laughter while deepening spiritual experience.

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

Connecting with the holy does not need to be solemn. In fact, sometimes it MUST be playful.

Full retreat:

6 hour/one day retreat with time for breaks and lunch.

$55/person (minimum 8 people) or $450 flat (inquire about small group rates).

Speed dating with Trickster:

2 hour workshop

$15/person (minimum 8) or $150 flat.