'Soul Committee' Discernment

BYOTeam! Bring 4 friends interested in supporting you in a decision. We will spend an hour together focused on your decision.

5 week intensive! Sign up to the waitlist now, As soon as there are five registrants, we will schedule a five-week program.

Trying to make a decision? Heard of "Clearness Committees"? Ready to learn from your inner sacred committee?

'Soul Committee' discernment draws on the wisdom of family systems, parts of self, psychodrama, Quaker clearness practice, Pagan appreciation for myth and story, and the knowledge that we have divine wisdom within us.

The crucial guideline for participation is that there is to be no attempt at fixing, saving, advising, or “setting the person straight.” We will be listening for the voices of the sacred committee within and the movement of spirit (or divine love or meaning or energy) with and through the person who is discerning.

Several ingredients are essential for group discernment.

Confidentiality. The group will be a place where personal soul-work happens. This kind of intimacy requires the confidence that nothing shared in the group will be shared outside the group.

Regular attendance. Group members need to commit to coming to each meeting if at all possible.

Willingness. Group members need to commit to an honest relationship with one another and what each holds holy, participating wholeheartedly in the group process through contemplative listening and response, and opening their spiritual journeys for consideration by others

A group like this—which invites people to share their struggle with discernment, be personal and authentic, and seek transformation for the sake of others—is very unusual. For this reason, these groups need informed, experienced facilitators to lead.


Five individuals seeking clarity on a question (or one individual and 4 -5 supportive friends), 1 hour meeting, 1 person in the "center" each week.

*Defining the question

* Naming the committee members

* taking on roles

* Committee of the Whole

* Reflections

* blessing

Pay-from-the-heart pricing guideline: $150/meeting (shared by participants: when you contribute more, someone else is able to pay less)