What is Spirit Tending?

Spiritual Mentoring with Amy

You are whole and holy.  

What each of us knows about the sacred is a piece of the truth.  

It matters what you choose to do and how you choose to be.

You need not go it alone.

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What is Spiritual Mentoring/Spirit Tending

A process of finding your spiritual direction: Through spirit-tending people uncover their sacred stories. Individuals attune to the mystery of the spirit of life, learn and grow in their personal spirituality and deepen their relationship with all they hold holy. This opens you to the source of energy for your calling in life.

In indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions for millennia there have been people set apart for their ability to attend to spirit, to help in meaning-making, and to witness the seeking and healing of the people in their communities.  In modern western culture this vital, sacred relationship has become less known, and has only survived in small segments of society such as monasteries or in a very modified form in the practice of therapy.

Sometimes it is easier to say what something is not. This is not therapy: we are present to the movement of spirit and the whole self, not just the domains of psychology, which are primarily the mind and emotions. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. You don't need to be fixed.  This is not pastoral care: though we can do brief or question-focused spirit tending we are not limited to responding to life events, paying particular attention to your sense of self, your inner resources, resilience and capacity to cope. Also, your spirit tending companion is not your minister - your parish minister is the person who will teach, preach, provide pastoral care, and officiate at your rites of passage. 

You are not broken, though you may feel broken-hearted or broken-spirited. You are whole and holy and we tend to that wholeness. 

Finding the right match:

If you are curious about embarking on Spiritual Accompaniment, contact any of the spiritual companions on the Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Direction network site (http://www.uusdn.org/) or the Cherry Hill Seminary Graduates site (Spiritual Direction Program Graduates). That person will learn about you and explore with you to find the right match for a spiritual direction relationship. The match process is important since different companions have different styles and strengths and different directees are coming from different places and seeking different things. (Note, SDI is another directory of potential compaions, however they do not require any training to be listed. DO ask your potential companion about their qualifications!)


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