Brigid's Well

Brigid's Well (Imbolc) – February 2nd is celebrated as Candlemas and Dia de la Candelaria, starting on the Eve of the 2nd, it is celebrated as St. Brigid’s Day, and Imbolc, and for the non-religious there is Groundhog day! Wells are particularly sacred to Brigid, a goddess of transformations, and wells and springs are lifegiving places. How do we fill our buckets from the well? And how do we fill others buckets?

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Walking in Music tbd

Prelude* -tbd

Welcome (Introduce Amy)

Call into the Circle of Love and Justice - The Reverend Amy Beltaine

*Hymn - #402 “From You I Receive

Chalice Lighting*

Congregational Response: We light the chalice as a reminder

that together we are a beacon in the desert. May its light lead

the way to this sanctuary of love, acceptance, and justice

where we strive for personal and societal transformation.


Offertory - tbd

Time for All Ages - “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud, David Messing (Illustrator) - Amy

Pastoral Moment/Prayer - Amy

Pastoral Hymn* - “All This Joy” by John Denver

Responsive Reading* - “Water Flows” by Thich Nhat Hanh

Brigid’s Sacred Well- The Reverend Amy Beltaine

*Interlude - “(Living) Like a Tree” by Betsy Rose - body prayer led by Amy

Reaching into the Deep Wells

*Blessing Hymn - “Way to the Well” by Starhawk - Amy

Chalice Extinguishing* - Congregation’s standard - Rachel

Congregational Response: We extinguish the flame, but not our

commitment to being a beacon in the desert. This burns

brightly until we gather again.

Benediction - Amy

Postlude - “Celebration,” by Kool & the Gang arr. by Kirby Shaw

**Suggestions for HYMNS

**Suggestions for PERFORMED (or recorded) Music

*Suggestions for READINGS (chalice lighting, extinguishing, etc.)