Supervision -Individual

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Supervision - Small Group Format

Supervision groups OPEN to new membersperiodically. Contact Amy directly

Supervision is critical to the healthy, whole-hearted companioning of others. The gift of hearing others share their vulnerabilities, joys, and learning is transformative for your own practice. You will share your own challenges and formation as a spiritual direction companion and receive affirmation and curious, spirit-led, questions.

Confidentiality: The group will be a place where personal soul-work happens. This kind of intimacy requires the confidence that nothing shared in the group will be shared outside the group.

Regular attendance: Group members must to commit to coming to each meeting if at all possible.

Willingness: Group members need to commit to an honest relationship with one another and what each holds holy, participating wholeheartedly in the group process through contemplative listening and response, and opening their spiritual grappling for consideration by others

This spiritual direction supervision group has a trained supervisor as the facilitator. The group is open to companions seeing >2 seekers with at least 12 months training.

We will work with verbatims (defined VERY broadly) and Focus Question Forms. FQFs come in several models-something for everyone.

Pay-from-the-heart pricing guideline: $384 to $544 for 8 month commitment. (can be paid in 1, 2 or 3 installments.) (That works out to $48-$68/month. When you contribute more, someone else is able to pay less.)


Four (three minimum) individuals seeking spiritual direction supervision, 1.5 hour meeting, 2 people share each week. A resource will be provided the week before, your FQF is due as pre-work if you will be sharing that week.

* grounding/centering/teaching

* person 1's FQF and verbatim/artwork... is reviewed

* contemplation

* reflections


* blessing

* person 2's FQF and verbatim/artwork... is reviewed

* contemplation

* reflections

* contemplation

* blessing