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Shall we journey together? I know I will fall in love with you. Let us listen to our heart-song together.

I wish to serve divine love, the human community, and our sacred earth by supporting your search for your spiritual direction, celebrating with you as you embrace your gifts, and coaching you to serve the world. As a community minister I move into relationship with your community with a specific focus in mind. Together we will travel the landscape of the work before us. I bring with me:

A compassionate personal presence, holding each person in loving regard, and calling forth your deepest and most authentic self. Whether in pastoral care after the death of a loved one, or in spiritual direction as you explore your relationship with what you hold holy, I create a safe sacred space that invites your healing and growth.

Ceremonies, rituals, and worship experiences which celebrate and integrate our life milestones, and connect us into one human community of beloved souls. Weddings, memorial services, Sunday morning worship services, celebrations of other life milestones and of holy days are all occasions to affirm life and love and renew ourselves for the work we must do. I call forth and invite reverence, healing, and inspiration.

Learning experiences which deepen our relationship with the divine and the holy, our relationships with our selves, and our relationships with one another. Drawing on the wisdom of world religions, the broad insights from psychology and myth and story, the awesome power of nature, and the creativity within every human being, I invite exploration, vulnerability, creativity, and insight. Coaching and companioning for those who wish to develop their ministries. Whether your ministry is

governmental leadership, caring for young people, or standing up for a just world, I invite your experimentation, growth, application of your skills, and development of new skills. I have done my work when I see a board president facilitate a meeting that used to scare her, or when I see a parent express patience and hope with a teenager who was spiraling out of control. Business skills and management skills for nurturing a congregational community of responsibility and accountability between and among staff, volunteers, and congregants. A grounding in the theologies, values, aspirations, hope, and love which inform and inspire us to create a just and compassionate world.

Eagerness to learn and grow - Life is a learning experience and I am grateful for the risks I take, my failures, and the opportunity to begin again.

I invite you to explore with me what our mutual ministry may be. Click on the links across the top of the page for more about Worship, RE, Social Justice, Administration, Spiritual/Religious philosophy, and for more about me. It will be fun to explore and imagine together, to see what unfolds from the time we do spend together.

Bright Blessings,

Reverend Amy