Earth's Beloved

Earth’s Beloved - Spring is normally a time of abundance. This year, it’s still a time of pandemic. When we think about our sacred relationship with the Earth and with all living things, we cannot help but ask: what is being asked of us, and given to us, even now?

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Arriving music/with pre-set slide show


Welcome, Land Acknowledgement, Introduce Amy

Gathering Song* -Gathered Here”

Call into the Circle of Love and Justice/Cast Sacred Space - Amy

Chalice Lighting/Call in the divine

Spirit of Life

Time for All Ages/Setting intention - Everybody Needs a Rock

Joys and Sorrows

Music for Meditation - “Mitakuye Oyasin” (All my relations) by Nahko and Medicine for the People

Reflection I Amy Beltaine

Offering - Ben

Offertory -

Reflection II Lay leader

Music - Now I walk in Beauty traditional Navajo prayer Music by Gregg Smith

Reflection III Amy

Song of Celebration* - Rise with the Fire by Starhawk

Chalice Extinguishing -

Benediction - Amy

Suggested hymn options (Gathering Hymn, Pastoral Hymn, Blessing Hymn ):

Suggested reading options (Chalice lighting, responsive reading, chalice ext.):