No Time Not To Love

No Time Not To Love: There are those who would set fire to the world. There is only time to work slowly. There is no time not to love. It is tempting to shake our fists and decry the “evil” corporations. But how might we respond to sin with both compassion and strength? What might doing the work with love, with hospitality, look like in our daily lives? Universalist Clarence Skinner explored these ideas after World War II, as did Susan B Anthony during her fight for women’s and African Americans’ right to vote. We are called to find our own way during these years of transformation.

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Welcome & Introduction of Amy

Call into the Circle of Love and Justice – Amy B

Chalice Lighting - “Take courage, friends” by Wayne Arneson

Hymn - #361 “Enter Rejoice and Come In”

Midrash- “The Tomato Plant” by Rabbi Gelman

Responsive Reading - #666 from Thandeka

Joys and Sorrows - Jerry

Prayer and Meditation - Amy

Pastoral Hymn - “Spirit of Life” (#123) with ASL (The story of Carolyn McDade’s Composition) - Amy

Homily I “No Time Not to Love” - The Reverend Amy Beltaine


Offertory “Time to Love” words by Deena Metzger, music by Charlie Murphy, and Jamie Sieber Permission to perform provided by Jamie Sieber

Homily II

Song of Celebration - #170, “Singing for Our Lives”

Chalice Extinguishing - (Unison) -

Benediction - Amy

Postlude -

Song alternates

  • #6 Just as Long as I Have Breath

  • #95 There Is More Love Somewhere