Rites of Passage

Marriages, Handfastings, Hand Partings, Coming of Age ceremonies, Child Dedications, Memorial Services, Rituals to mark a gender transition or other major life milestones... Contact me: abeltaine@gmail.com, 503-877-2692

JOINING - I would be delighted to officiate for your wedding or handfasting! I will joyfully and reverently craft a wedding service with you that reflects the divine within each of you and respects the holy promises you will make. Also, we will laugh a lot.

I bring experience with earth centered ceremonies and wedding traditions from diverse heritages (Jewish, Celtic, Slovak, Muslim, etc.) Let me help you plan a ceremony that is meaningful to you and your family and friends.

PARTING - Ceremonies to mark the end of a marriage or a partnership.

MEMORIAL SERVICES - There are memorial rituals in all cultures. These ceremonies help us to cope with loss and death and to celebrate the life of someone who was near and dear to us.

OTHER MILESTONE CEREMONIES - Child Dedications, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Affirmation of a Gender Transition, and other major life milestones deserve to be marked in a meaningful way. Whether you desire a intimate, quiet, ritual, or a celebrative community ceremony, we will craft, together, something that will be a transformative blessing in your life. Contact me directly to discuss possibilities and options! (UUMA Scale of fees)

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