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Wild at Heart workshop - embracing authenticity with St. Theresa of Avila


No Time Not To Love service– There are those who would set fire to the world. There is only time to work slowly. There is no time not to love. It is tempting to shake our fists and decry the “evil” corporations. How shall we respond to sin with both compassion and strength? How shall we do the work with love? We are called to find our own way during these years of transformation.

Pagan101/Earth-Relating Thea/ologies workshop - Pagan and Neo-Pagan gifts for community, worship, and life


The Sixth Source (Pagan 101) service – For millennia, Paganism and Earth-based Spirituality has been practiced and refined by hunters, farmers, indigenous people, and those who live close to the land and the sea. We will look at some of the rich theo/alogies, traditions, and histories from within the ‘Earth-Centered’ label. Then we will explore some of the gifts of these paths.

Altaring Spaces workshop- evoking sacred space and focusing ritual through mindful use of objects and environments


Solstice and Equinox Services – Each service customized for the current times and congregation. Bring earth-honoring and deities-relating ritual and theo/alogy into a recognition of the science and meaning of the season.

Cauldron of Transformation workshop- With Brigid the Poet, we invoke Inspiration. With Brigid the smith, we invoke Creativity. With Brigid of the Well, we invoke Healing. We connect deep into Earth to transform challenging times.


What We Love Can Be Saved service – How are you the change you wish to see in the world? Step by step the longest march, can be won. It takes many drops of water to turn a mill. The struggles around the world for justice, peace and against violence can be overwhelming. It is easy to feel small. Where do we find the strength to carry on?

Descent and Return workshop- Making Meaning from your Underworld Journey, working with the Inanna Myth


Optical Delusion of Separateness service– What do the mystic physicists, Saint Paul, our seventh principle, and the Hindu concept of Atman have in common?

Green Chalice Workshop- Hildegard of Bingen and spirituality of nature. How does your relationship with the natural world feed your soul and connect you to all your communities?


Magic Has Consequences (Pagan 201) – How Pagan, indigenous, and earth-centered traditions offer healing messages and food for meaningful action. Heal your soul through the natural world and discover energy for creating the world you dream of.

Sacred Laughter workshop - from the divine trickster to laughing Yoga: humor heals, transforms, and invites us into mystery.


Dancing the Revolution serviceEmma Goldman advocated: "freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody's right to beautiful radiant things." Change agents need joy and laughter and a “spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”