This workshop was calming and centering. It made me more hopeful about the future. - Juliana (about the "Green Chalice")

[Rev. Amy's] pastoral presence is wonderful and full of joy. - Kirsten

I loved how Rev. Amy intertwined music and song in the sermon. It was very organic. - Sachin

Integrity and spirit," are my description of Rev. Amy and her presentation "Faithful Conversations." Rev. Amy brings to life the workshop and the work needed to have these transformative dialogues... I would recommend bringing Rev. Amy to colleagues who are looking to inspire their congregations with the ability to speak and listen and to offer and receive with people whose view of justice is fundamentally different from our own, but with whom we still want/need to be in relationship. Amy and her workshop are going to change how my entire congregations relates to our broader community. - Matthew

Having sought [Amy] out for advice on how to carry on without a broken spirit in such sorrowful times, I would pick The Gentle [to describe Amy]. [she has] a way that makes one feel understood, but also makes one appreciate the need to understand what is perceived as "the other." I am grateful that [she] gave me the strength to allow myself to be broken, and faith to know that we mend. Kind of like how a mother can soothe whilst ripping off a band aid. Amy the Gentle. The Sustainer works well, too. - Rachel

My experience of [Amy's] spirit is that your presence gives me an instant entry into what is real with a calming, genuine pointing toward illusion. I also sense [Amy's] instant recognition of my sacred worth and {Amy] facilitate[s] my connection to my highest self. [Amy] take[s] me into the real, and we look back together into the illusion, making sense of my work and experiences. [Amy is] "Way-shower" -Maggie

[Amy is] a deep and respectful listening witness who opens [her] spiritual companions to the healing paths before them. Seems to me that [Amy has] transformed the skills {she honed as organizer/planner, so [Amy] can now use them in [her] vocation of listening to help people pay attention to their own heartfelt insights. -Teri

I felt a flexibility, non attachment to the outcome which I liked, to me you felt like a guide. -Mela

I find you luminous with God 's light, aka the light of the Goddess. -Alison

Way Lighter - Richard / Compassionate patience - Misty / Patient Clarity -William / Compassion, generosity. -Laura

It's "calm love." It's being so convinced, down to your marrow, that love IS the way of the world -Michael

I certainly would recommend [Amy] to other churches seeking a preacher. [for a Sunday service] - Kristen

People of all political and spiritual persuasions end up feeling comfortable with her. When sharing, she is always forthcoming, learned, articulate,and caring. The fact that her left and right brain hemispheres are so well-balanced is a gift to us all. - Kate

She has demonstrated character, exhibited appropriate boundaries, has been an excellent listener and put congregational members as her focus. I see Amy as a mature individual who knows herself, lives her life with joy and appreciation, values people over possessions, and has a strong passion for fairness and honoring each individual in their uniqueness. At this time, I see her as genuine, in congruence with herself while being in various church roles, and as inspiring others to seek their own spiritual path and growth. Wherever ministerial goals lead Amy, I have confidence that she will be an asset to a congregation, a comfort to individuals, and a leader in her community—in peace, love and justice. - Chris

I loved your sermon. I took lots of notes because I want to look them over again later. I especially liked the "wave" metaphor. Thank you. - Congregant, about "Ancestors' Voice" service

Amy is fluent in several worlds. She establishes relations, then carefully looks at the situations at hand. She listens. She collaborates. She fits in well. She has had a wealth of experience. Amy is a truly diverse being who knows herself well. She is not afraid of growth. She is not afraid of change. She is not afraid to stretch herself. Most importantly, she understands the world in which she finds herself and is not hemmed in by any ministerial setting. - Hope

References (*has agreed to be a standing reference, feel free to call without giving me the opportunity to give them a heads-up):

  • David Pollard, former Executive Director, Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
    • I am past president of the board of this continental organization
  • League of Women Voters of Portland co-presidents: Margaret Noel and Kathleen Hersh
  • Ron Pitney: Member 2013-2016 Committee on Ministry
  • Spiritual Direction Supervisor: Sr. Mary Jo Chaves
  • *Interim Director of Religious Exploration Supervisor: Rev. Rick Davis
    • I served as the Interim Director of Religious Exploration for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem (Oregon) from August 2010 to June 2011
  • *Internship Supervisor: Rev. Hope Johnson
    • I served the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau (on Long Island) from September to June 2010 (prefers email or phone)

I can see that Amy is truly called and equipped to have a fruitful ministry that will bless the world.


Amy’s strength is in administration/practical arts, program development and clarity of expression. She brings great creativity to worship. She is a fine preacher who has a lot to say.

- Hope

When I first met her, Amy impressed me as warm, personable, experienced and intelligent. She remains warm and personable, but her experience is now broader and she has widened and deepened her intelligence.

- Gordon

She modeled authenticity, appropriate vulnerability and genuine commitment to continuing growth. Would I want to join a congregation if this person was the minister? In Amy’s case the answer would be a resounding “Yes.”

- Rick

Amy is one of the kindest, caring, competent people I have had the pleasure of working with and supervising.

- Greg