Spiritual Mentoring

Asking, “What is God?”

Questioning religious teachings?

Yearning to connect with the holy?

Wondering, “What is my purpose?"

Striving to be your best self?

You don't have to do it alone

People of all faiths, or no faith,

LGBTQ+ & allies,

Wanderers, worshippers...

You are welcome.

Spiritual Mentoring:

  • in person in Portland
  • in person at locations on tour
  • over e-conferencing

Group introductory sessions:

  • Strengthen leaders
  • Enrich Small Group Ministry
  • Develop collaboration with Parish, Community, and RE Ministry

Pohala: A Place of Healing

7477 SE 52nd Ave

Portland, OR 97206

Help is available! Your family member or friend may be hurting... Make the connection!

Bring your full self. Together, we will invite divine love.