Spiritual Mentoring

Find your Spiritual Direction with Amy Beltaine

~Justice Seeking?~
I help people open a connection to the lifegiving waters and supporting ground of spiritual connection.
Amy is earth-honoring, Deities-celebrating, queer affirming, and grounded in the knowledge that you are whole and holy.
Let's explore together and connect to that which gives you LIFE! 

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NEW Supervision group OPENINGS! please pass the word to any spiritual companions you may know

Pay-From-The-Heart pricing:

I seek to serve persons of all economic situations and I make my livelihood from this work. When we can speak directly and from the heart, we can find ethical ways to navigate capitalism.  If you experience marginalization or systemic oppression, I hope you will pay less. If you have more resources I hope you will pay more.   Together we will find an arrangement that supports reciprocity in right relationship. Base rate: $135/hour

What's Next?

Your dear one may be hurting... Make the connection!

Bring your full self. Together, we will invite divine love.