Freedom to Marry

We have won the freedom to marry! Yay!

and our work is not over yet. Watch this space for new initiatives.

Oregon's UU Voices for Justice offers minister/trainers to your congregation (at little to no cost!)

Now booking for May-July

View the slide shows (below) for more details.

We can help your congregation move Oregon toward the freedom to marry for every loving couple through:

A. Freedom to Marry Sunday Service

B. Coming Out as a Person of Faith Video, Exhibit, and Deepening Conversation

C. Faithful Conversations Training

D. Media/Resource Packet

and more!

(Select as many as you like)

Our staff: Rev Amy Beltaine, Community Minister, Basic Rights Oregon Faith Team, Conversation Trainer, Exhibit Docent, Preacher -- Kevin Lawson (MDiv), Freedom to Marry Faith Team, Conversation Trainer, Exhibit Docent, Preacher -- Rev Judy Zimmerman, Oregon UU Voices for Justice administrator, Conversation Trainer, Preacher -- Barbara Smith-Thomspon, Oregon UU Voices for Justice board, UUVoices Freedom to Marry team -- Patricia Tangeman, Oregon UU Voices member, UUVoices Freedom to Marry team

UU Voices Presents Freedom to Marry

Ready to bring a team to YOUR congregation?

1. Call or Email! 503-877-2692

2. Work with a team member to plan a date (or dates)

3. Identify a key contact person in your congregation

4. Ascertain funding (Through a generous grant, this project is subsidized by UUVoices for 50% to 100% of the costs)

5. Want to build connections in your broader community? Work with us to create newsletter articles, press releases, etc. to reach out to friends, partners, and other faith groups in your community

A. Freedom to Marry Sunday Service

n Once a prophetic vision shared by only a few, the marriage movement gained traction. We secured the freedom to marry state by state, built a majority, and created the climate to allow the United States Supreme Court to strike down the central part of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. UUs have been standing on the side of love from the beginning. What is our role here and now?

n Includes sermon, option of hymns, readings, etc. You provide the musicians, worship assistant, any elements your congregation requires.

n Can be scheduled for a non-traditional time (i.e.. Saturday evening)

B. "Coming Out as a Person of Faith" Exhibit and Deepening Conversation: "My Faith and the Freedom to Marry"

n “Coming Out as a Person of Faith” Exhibit - can be no-host physical exhibit (limited availability) or hosted electronic exhibit

n Multi-media– audio, photographs, writing, interactive…

n Reveals the experiences, stories, and perspectives of clergy, parents of gay and lesbians, and LGBT couples of faith who support the freedom to marry.

n Physical exhibit can be set up and left up, museum-style, for as much as a week.

n Allow 1/2 hour, minimum for exhibit portion.

n We will work with you to create a time of awareness, education, and conversation about why the freedom to marry matters from a faith perspective. Take advantage of the time to affirm how faith supports and calls us to secure the freedom to marry for all loving and committed couples in Oregon. Allow 1/2 hour for conversation.

n Includes the Coming Out as a Person of Faith short film

C. Faithful Conversations Training

n Learning how to gracefully engage our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and others in conversation is one of the most powerful tools for changing hearts and minds about the freedom to marry, and to develop skills and relationships for further justice work.

n Studies in Minnesota and Washington State showed that having a simple conversation with someone doubles the chance that they will support the freedom to marry.

n Learn not only how to have those conversations yourself, but also how to teach others the skills that you have learned. This training is for ALL people of faith

n 2.5-3 hours

D. Media/Resource Packet

n UU Conversation Guide (Conversation guides available for other faith traditions.)

n Letter to the Editor Toolkit

n Film Screening instructions

n Electronic copy of the exhibit

n Faith Deepening Conversation Guide

n Conversation Training Overview

n COPF video (online access only)

n Welcoming Congregation Guidelines/Action Steps/200

E. Panel Discussion - Creating Space for Faith Traditions Together

n Multi-faith panels are a great way to further the conversation on the Freedom to Marry. We will work with you to find representatives from faith traditions in your community who will come to your location to share their stories and dialog with your faith community and guests.

n Allow 1.5 hours.

Freedom to Marry Briefing