Restore Your

Spiritual Verve

In a time of Pandemic: We're in a (virtual) river raft. Our raft is hurtles down a wild river. We paddle as best we can, we watch for rocks and rapids. We need other paddlers... to do their best... Even when their best doesn't look like paddling...

What is YOUR purpose in this time?

Connect with wisdom from our bodies, ancestors, tribes, land, and universal experience.

Spiritual Mentoring Distance/In-person

PhysioDivina Tarot...

Thank you for the amazing reading! It really helped me put things into a sharper focus and gave me some much needed confidence in continuing the path that I have chosen. Your skill and talent at the art of reading Tarot is phenomenal. - Bridget

Chart a clear course. Find spiritual ways forward as you feel the pain of the world.


Rites of Passage, Marriages, More...

Empaths yearning to make a difference: uncover and use your spiritual superpowers!

Conspire with divine love, tend your roots and celebrate your fruits.

Stop worrying about what you are supposed to be doing and start doing it.