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In your religious community, does your heart-song yearn for a closer relationship with the sacred earth? Invite the President of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans to be with you! Or perhaps your heart-song is about building the world we dream about. Invite this lifetime justice activist! Still listening for your heart-song? Invite a UUSDN steering committee member and Spiritual Director! Now booking retreats and Guest-in-the-Pulpit dates for Spring-Summer 2016. See some suggestions, after the calendar!

Listen to Heart Song

Bring the president of CUUPS Continental to your congregation to preach and to meet with your earth-centered members.

Sixth Source: For millennia, Paganism and Earth-based Spirituality has been practiced and refined by hunters, farmers, indigenous people, and those who live close to the land and the sea. This Sunday we will look at some of the rich theo/alogies, traditions, and histories that fall within the ‘Earth-Centered’ label. Then we will explore some of the gifts of these paths for Unitarian Universalists.

Service topic for Commit2Respond:

Optical Delusion of Separateness: What do the mystic physicists, Saint Paul, our seventh principle, and the Hindu concept of Atman have in common? They all break through the optical delusion of consciousness. As Einstein said: “this delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Some popular workshop topics, book a sermon on Sunday and a related workshop for Saturday:

  • Green Chalice - Hildegard of Bingen and spirituality of nature. How does your relationship with the natural world feed your soul and connect you to all your communities?

  • Descent and Return - Making Meaning from your Underworld Journey, working with the Inanna Myth

  • Sacred Laughter - from the divine trickster to laughing Yoga: humor heals, transforms, and invites us into mystery.

  • Wild at Heart - embracing authenticity with St. Theresa of Avila

  • Faithful Conversations - Craft love-based “crucial conversations”. In a safe space we will share skills to begin the conversation and carry it to a transformative conclusion.

  • Earth-Relating Thea/ologies - Pagan and Neo-Pagan gifts for community, worship, and life

  • Altaring Spaces - evoking sacred space and focusing ritual through mindful use of objects

  • West African Drumming - creating community and hearing one-another through drum and dance, honoring the authentic traditions of Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, and expat. Africans in America

  • Cauldron of Transformation - With Brigid, the Poet, we invoke Air and Inspiration. With Brigid of the Forge, we invoke Fire and Creativity. With Brigid of the Well, we invoke Water and Healing. In the season of mid-Winter, we connect down deep into the Earth to turn our most challenging times into fuel for the work we are meant to do.

Suggested Services for Spring/Summer:

March 6: Our Prophetic Voice OR Being Present to Brokenness (Community Ministry Sunday)

March 13: Queen Esther - Against impossible odds one person can make a difference (Purim, 24th)

April 3: (Apr 1): Sacred Fool - Show us truth, teach us courage. The trickster…

April 10: Trans-Rational - The gifts of myth, story, and intuition wedded to science (Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday)

April 17: Flower Communion OR Dr. King - Black Lives Matter (anniversary of his death April 4, ‘68)

May 1: Bread and Roses (May Day, Beltane) OR Borderlands – Between the worlds, how do we learn to live together? (Cinco de Mayo)

May 8: Mother Earth (Mother’s Day) OR Sixth Source (Mother Earth)

May 15: Nothing Better to do Than Listen - Learning to be a Spiritual Friend (Careteam Sunday) OR Trans-Rational (see above, for Pentecost)

May 22: Sourcing to Sacred OR Alphabet Soup - The wild ride from 80’s era activism to LGBTQIA and BLM (Harvey Milk day)

May 29: Ancestors’ Voice (Memorial Day)

June 5: The Dance, What Shiva Taught Me – Let it be a dance we do

June 12: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor - who is My Neighbor? (Ramadan, June 7-July 7)

July 10:The Commons – Seeds, water, air… too important to own

July 17: Know When to Hold ‘em - Celebrating Lucaria, a holiday of respite

July 24: Lughnasadh - Counting our Blessings

August: Like the Grasses - What sustains and renews us?

Service topic for our Study/Action Issue (Growing Economic Inequality):

Net Worth - Naming the harm and undoing the prosperity gospel

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