Corona-Shock: Moving through times of pandemic, both into, through, and out of lockdown, is a journey of transformation and adaptation. Like any such journey we are experiencing trauma. What can the stories of culture shock offer us in pandemic, and what may stories of corona virus offer us as we grapple with the pandemics of inequity and climate chaos.


Piano “Walking in music”

Board Member Welcome, introduce Amy

Prelude "Return Again"

Opening Words - Call into the Circle of Love and Justice-Amy

Chalice Lighting ####

Gathering Song* #188 Come Come Whoever You Are

A Midrash from Pagan Scripture - “The Resurrection...Fern”

Sing "Be Now In Peace"

Joys and Sorrows

Pastoral prayer - Amy

Pastoral Song - “I Will Be Gentle With Myself"

Reading -

Offering /Offertory

Homily Part I - Corona-Shock

Song #396 I Know This Rose Will Open

Homily Part II

Song of Commitment - #1015 “I Know I Can” - Amy will introduce (with corrections for trans exclusionary language)

Extinguishing the Chalice

Benediction - Amy

Song alternates

  • #6 Just as Long as I Have Breath
  • #95 There Is More Love Somewhere
  • #123 Spirit of life