Listen to Heart Song - Spiritual support for Following your Call

It is a blessing you were born.  

What each of us knows about the sacred is a piece of the truth.  

It matters what you choose to do and how you choose to be.

You do not need to do it alone.

What is Spiritual Accompaniment?

Spiritual Accompaniment is most well known from monastic traditions, East and West. The tradition also has roots deep within Jewish, Sufi, Protestant and many other religious traditions.

Spiritual Accompaniment is a process of finding your spiritual direction. Through Spiritual Accompaniment we help people tell their sacred stories. We foster a person (or group) to attune to the mystery of the spirit of life, to learn and grow in your personal spirituality and to deepen your relationship with the holy within yourself, thereby opening to the source of energy for your calling in life.

Sometimes it is easier to say what something is not: This is not therapy: we are present to the movement of spirit and the whole self, not the domains of psychology, which are primarily the mind and emotions. This is not pastoral care: though we can do brief or question-focused Spiritual Accompaniment we are not primarily working in the domains of Pastoral Care, which seeks to respond to life events, paying particular attention to your sense of self, your inner resources, resilience and capacity to cope. Also, your spiritual director is not your minister - your parish minister is the person who will teach, preach, provide pastoral care, and officiate at your rites of passage.

What is Amy's Approach to Spiritual Accompaniment?

I believe that each person has a calling, and work that you must do, which only you can do. Your heart is singing that call to you. Your song may be drowned out by the challenges of life, your own doubts, or conflicting stories you’ve been told. Together we create an inviting space to hear and heed that song. I will accompany your story with compassionate and joyful curiosity.

We live our heart’s song when we are open to conspiring with divine love.

I celebrate your relationship to divine love, however that may look right now and however that unfolds. We may find the holy in your relationships with people, animals, earth, the stars, the arts, and your inner self.

I offer practices which can help you develop nourishing roots and support you as you strengthen or bloom.

What does it look like?

We may meet one-on-one for an hour once or twice per month for one year, 5 years, or longer. You may wish to participate in a retreat on a topic that appeals to you. You may come with a specific question that we will focus on for 1-4 meetings. We may be together at my office in SE Portland, speaking over Skype, or in a larger space with 7-15 others.

A typical one-on-one appointment begins with a centering exercise, and ‘check-in’, then we explore together through talking, movement, drawing, or any one of many modalities. The hour ends with a ‘check-out’. You will lead how we use our time together.


Song      Mandalas, collage, and artwork      Prayer bracelets/rosary      Zentangle

Journaling/Memoir      Runes    Psychodrama     Tarot       Soul Cards     Dream work

Guided visualization/shamanic journeying      Lectio Divina (reading sacred words)     

Body Prayer    Centering Prayer/Meditation   Discursive Prayer    Homework    Play

Altars and Creating Sacred Spaces       Blessings/Ritual        Sculpting(clay)    Dialog

Spiritual Types        Meyers Briggs personality profile         Enneagram     

Retreats - Click for schedule and workshop descriptions

Our Agreement - Print to bring with you to our first appointment

Questionnaire - Print to bring with you to our first appointment

Finding the right match:

If you are curious about embarking on Spiritual Accompaniment, contact any of the spiritual directors on the Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Director’s network site ( or the Spiritual Directors International Site (Spiritual Directors International). That person will learn about you and explore with you to find the right match for a spiritual direction relationship. The match process is important since different directors have different styles and strengths and different directees are coming from different places and seeking different things.

To explore a match with me, call to talk on the phone (503-877-amyb) or make an appointment - that first “discernment” appointment is free.