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Thank you for your interest in growing your soul with me. The following outlines our agreements with each other while we are in the Spiritual Direction relationship. Please print, sign, and bring with you to your first appointment. Click here for an optional questionnaire. I have found it helpful for you to fill out, Reflect upon, and share with me.

Our Relationship
I hold holy my connection to you. It is a sacred relationship. I pledge to give you my fully present attention while we are in partnership. I am committed to receiving Spiritual Direction for myself as well as supervision of my professional work so that I am less likely to transmit my issues and more likely to help you transform yours.
Our relationship is one of mutual discovery, providing me with the opportunity to develop as a spiritual director, while you grow on your own spiritual journey.
Although I believe it is appropriate at times to discuss psychological and relational difficulties in the context of spiritual direction, I am not a psychotherapist, nor do I provide such services. Similarly, you recognize that spiritual direction is not financial advice and any decisions and actions you may take in that regard are done without my advice or recommendation, and are purely your responsibility.
I follow the ethical principles of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, the Society of Unitarian Universalist Community Ministers, Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Directors Network, and Spiritual Directors International.

I will hold our conversations in strict confidence. Our time together is sacred. I will not reveal the content of our conversations unless I am required to do so by law or court order. On the other hand, you are free to share whatever you choose about our conversations with anyone.

Initial phone consultation (15 min): FREE
First session (mutual interview) (50 min): FREE
The fee per one-hour session is  [     ] for regular sessions, payable at the end of the session. This fee is guaranteed for 12 months. (If you are able, you are welcome to pay into a special fund to subsidize someone who is otherwise unable to afford spiritual direction. I offer some discounted sessions per month for people with limited incomes. I encourage you to contact me if you are interested.)

Time of Sessions and Changes
We commit to begin and end our sessions on time. I will not call or send you reminders for the sessions. If you are running late for a phone session or an in-person session, please call me as soon as you think you might be late. Usually, you will find the doors open if you arrive up to a 1/2 hour early, and can relax in the waiting room for your appointment time. If the doors are locked, PLEASE CALL ME! I will come let you in. If you are 15 minutes late for a session without notifying me, I will consider the session a no-show and payment will still be due.
Although we agree to a monthly one-hour session, you may desire to meet more frequently or for a longer session periodically, and that is fine, as long as we schedule in advance. If you would like to share a success or a problem with me in between sessions, you may contact me via email, or leave me a voice mail message. I do not bill for additional time of this type but ask that you keep the extra calls to a few minutes.
If you wish to change your appointment, you will let me know at least 24 hours in advance by emailing me and calling me as well. Without this notice, you will pay for the appointment time. If you must cancel, please do so 24 hours in advance. Emergencies and other difficult-to-control circumstances are an exception. Payment is due for sessions without proper cancellation.

Please sign and return a copy of this agreement.

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