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Wedding Samples

Interfaith Montana wedding with Muslim groom, small gathering in their home.

Connecticut Wedding C and B’s Wedding (80 degree day with guests standing, no-­one fainted. Her atheist father thanked us for the language used.)

Upstate NY Wedding. D and S’s Wedding (second(third) marriage with grown children, held outdoors at a historic site, guests were standing.)

California Wedding. X and W’s Wedding (outdoor, couple who have been together quite a few years.)

Oregon Wedding - Spanish/English with the Lasso and Arras.

Excellent collection of ceremony_readings

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The Wedding Service Builder: 

Seating of the honored guests 



Intent (required)

Family Blessing

Words “About Marriage”

Music For Meditation (optional)


Exchange of Rings


Pronouncement (Required)

(I now present to you the happily married couple ____First last____ and ___first last__)