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It matters what you do

Creating the Freedom to Marry in Oregon (with the Coming Out as a Person of Faith project)

I am committed to serving my community. My ministry will always contain a social justice component. My work with Basic Rights Oregon and the freedom to marry are close to my heart. Supporting the League of Women Voters has provided me with tools and insights which will strengthen my work in the future working with congregations, the UUSC, and Oregon UU Voices for Justice.

From OSPIRG in the 80’s to the “Local Law C” effort (to protect equal access to housing and work for LGBTQ people in Ithaca, NY) I have facilitated civic involvement. But justice does not just arise from involvement in politics. In my work in congregations and beyond as a small group facilitator and as a preacher I have facilitated personal transformation.

The Coming Out as a Person of Faith project has been fulfilling and energizing. My role is to create a sacred context in which people speak from their deepest selves. The process galvanizes already committed individuals to take action for the freedom to marry, giving us an opening to offer them useful tools for that work. In addition, I know it opens the hearts and minds of those who are still on the journey toward full support. I am called to invite and facilitate this personal and group transformative journey as we build a more compassionate and just world.

The skills developed from the Freedom to Marry effort will serve us well as we continue our work for economic justice, and for the Universalist vision of freedom, respect, and love for all people.

Social Justice, Social Service.
Two very different ways of responding to the brokenness of this world: In service work we feed the hungry, house the homeless, rescue animals, and pick up trash. In justice work we try to change the ways the system works, to undo racism, interrupt classism, challenge oppression, and counter exploitation.

What can you do to serve others?
Volunteer at the homeless shelter
Carry energy bars with you to give to people who are asking for food on the street
Volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Donate money to Planned Parenthood
Move to a smaller home, don't buy plastic, turn out the lights
Treat every person you meet with respect and dignity, no matter how much they look like you or don't look like you
Walk the dogs at the shelter
Donate to the Red Cross, your local school, Goodwill, 411, etc.
Make a casserole for someone in the congregation
And so much more!
What can you do to work for justice?
Write to your congressperson
Join and contribute to activist groups (UUSC, OSPIRG, UU Ministry for the Earth, Move On, Greenpeace, etc. etc.)
Show up to demonstrations
Write letters to the editor
Model a world of "consent-culture" instead of "rape-culture"
Get educated
Set up a "1-Minute Activist" table at Social Hour
Talk with someone who is really different from you
Create a UTube movie
Talk to folks you'd like to help and ask THEM what you can do... stand in solidarity, but do not presume to lead them
Interrupt racism, micro-aggressions, and systemic inequities in every-day life
Lead, follow, or get out of the way
and so much more!