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Retreats and Workshops

Comments from Workshop Participants

(How were you changed/affected?) I feel more at peace.

(Amy has) much respect for where people are.

(Amy) was very sensitive to our comfort zone - stretching us and honoring us.

I feel like I have some new perspectives to help with healing.

It was wonderful.

I found new ways/tools for growth, especially the fairy tale.

I was touched by the sweetness of the body posture exercise.

The (Diving Deep) material is relevant to any women who are seeking spiritual and emotional growth.

(I got) inspiration to keep on my current journey.

Loved (Amy's) humbleness and calm but engaging manner.


Nice balance of story, sharing, art, movement, and singing.

I enjoyed Amy's style. it was guiding and interactive. We felt safe in sharing.

(Amy is a) very good presenter.

Material was extremely relevant.

Loved (Amy's) calmness, healing powers, sincerity, and peaceful voice.
Growing your Soul
Workshops/Retreats/Sacred Rhythm

Retreats and Learning Opportunities
Nurture your soul, strengthen your skills, and connect to your gifts. Pair workshops with worship themes.

(Philosophy of Lifespan Faith Development)

  • Green Chalice - Hildegard of Bingen and spirituality of nature. How does your relationship with the natural world feed your soul and connect you to all your communities?

  • Descent and Return - Making Meaning from your Underworld Journey, working with the Inanna Myth

  • Sacred Laughter - from the divine trickster to laughing Yoga: humor heals, transforms, and invites us into mystery.

  • Wild at Heart - embracing authenticity with St. Theresa of Avila

  • Faithful Conversations - Craft love-based “crucial conversations”. In a safe space we will share skills to begin the conversation and carry it to a transformative conclusion.

  • Earth-Relating Thea/ologies - Pagan and Neo-Pagan gifts for community, worship, and life

  • Altaring Spaces - evoking sacred space and focusing ritual through mindful use of objects

  • West African Drumming - creating community and hearing one-another through drum and dance, honoring the authentic traditions of Ghana, Liberia, Guinea, and expat. Africans in America

  • Cauldron of Transformation - With Brigid, the Poet, we invoke Air and Inspiration. With Brigid of the Forge, we invoke Fire and Creativity. With Brigid of the Well, we invoke Water and Healing. In the season of mid-Winter, we connect down deep into the Earth to turn our most challenging times into fuel for the work we are meant to do.

Honoraria (reflects standard UUMA fee scale)

Programs at your location: 
Half-day ($350), full day ($550), plus IRS rate for mileage, and lodging if out of area

Programs at my location (SE Portland or Oregon City):
$20 per person per hour. $25 at the door.
Enrollment: min. of 6.

Discounts for series, group registrations, work-study tuition assistance available (inquire)